We all want a strong downtown – – a community that is beautiful, full of vitality and thriving economically.  Every MACC project encourages business growth and aesthetic improvements in our town’s commercial centers, making it the kind of place where we all want to live, visit or work.  Whether it’s aesthetic improvements, job creation or tax credits, MACC adds value to our community, moving it forward.  Your membership furthers our work with property owners, businesses, and community organizations to keep our town’s inviting hometown atmosphere and bring new life to our commercial districts.

Our Mission:

The Morristown Alliance for Culture and Commerce mission is to help ensure a strong and viable downtown, north-end commercial district and riverfront. MACC serves the community by building upon our historic past, recognizing our existing assets and utilizing local knowledge, skills and resources.

Board of Directors:

MACC is run by a volunteer board of directors that meets the third Monday of every month from 4:30pm-5:30pm in the Tegu Building. Please contact Darcie Abbene, MACC Coordinator at maccdirector@gmail.com for more information.

Board of Directors:

Tricia Follert, President

Timothy Monaghan, Vice President

Claire Hinges, Treasurer

Heather Sargent

Paul Trudell

Steve Ames

Billi Dunham

Nan Carle Beauregard

Todd Thomas