MACC Agenda
Dec. 18, 2017, 4:30pm-5:30pm
Tegu Building

Old Business:
1. History and Art Walk
2. Next Meeting- next meeting day is Martin Luther King, Jr. Switch to 1/22
3. Street Signage
4. River Arts Mural- volunteers for committee
5. MoVolley Match at the Oxbow: Possible dates: Sat. 2/17
6. Strategic Plan (see below)

New Business:
2. Nan’s cards
3. Dog Sled Festival

Strategic Plan

Things to consider as we consider the top 5 proposed projects:

1.     Trees in downtown/ create more green space
2.     Art on the Rail Trail
3.     Increase membership
4.     Change zoning laws to incorporate art in every aspect of any improvement in town
5.     Invest in signage all over downtown

MACC Meeting Agenda and Minutes
Dec. 18, 2017, 4:30pm-5:30pm
Tegu Building

Present: Heather D., Tricia, Paul Tim, Nan, Todd, Darcie, Heather S. Absent: Billi
Old Business:
1. History and Art Walk: The Village Trustees funded $2,000 for plaque design. The project is moving right along.
2. Next Meeting: The next meeting will be pushed back a week to Jan. 22 because of the Martin Luther King, Jr. holiday.
3. Street Signage: Todd shares an example of the new signs for downtown streets. He will be ordering 36 signs to be installed on every corner in the historic district in the downtown. Each sign cost $60/sign, depending on the length of the sign. Todd plans to ask the Copley Fund to pay for signage for History and Art Walk and the street signs. Todd would like to make a motion that if he cannot secure funding form the Copley fund, that MACC would pay the proposed invoice for $4,928.00 to pay these new street signs. Motion passed.
4. River Arts Mural: Tricia just finished a Request for Proposal (RFP) for the project. The proposals are due Jan 16th. Install is May 1st. Nan, Todd, and Billi volunteer to review the proposals and bring their recommendations to the board.
5. MoVolley Match at the Oxbow: Sat. 2/17.Planning meeting scheduled for Jan. 8, 8:30am, Tegu Buirling.
6. Pocket Park: Morrisville Water and Light donated $3,500 toward this project. Tricia will be working on pulling together more funding so this project is ready to install this spring.
7. Membership: Todd has a Smuggs Bash Badge raffle for members. Tricia suggests planning the membership drive for the spring when the signage, pocket park, and History and Art Walk.
8. Strategic Plan (see below)

New Business:
9. PUPS: MES no longer needs MACC to sponsor the new playground project as the playground committee can use the school district’s 501c3 number.
10. Nan’s cards: Tricia would like to have an event to celebrate new projects in town that involves businesses and art exhibits and would like to incorporate Nan’s cards into this.
11. Dog Sled Festival: Mike Green is planning a dog sledding festival in downtown Morrisville for Jan 20 and 21st .