Name of Company: Artistic Roots Salon
Name: Autumn Trombly
Location, email, phone, website:
Location – 110 Portland Street Morrisville, VT 05661
Email –
Phone – 802-888-0829
Website –
Description of your business/work? We are a full service salon, with new modern styles, always striving to keep up with the latest trends. Making you feel beautiful and happy, when you walk holding your head up high giving you the positive self confidence.
How long have you been in business? Eight years as of 2018.
How did you move to Morristown? I have lived around the area most of my life, I lived on the Draper farm as a child in Elmore. Moved to hyde park where I attended hyde park elementary. Morrisville is where I’ve settled for now.
What do you like best about Morristown? I like that it is a small town and many of us know or grew up together. And we are nice welcoming community, and seeing the small growth excites me.
What new business would you like to see move to town? I’d love to see more activities for inside fun, like a bowling alley, roller-skating. And I’d like to see a park that has tennis court, basketball, volleyball, outdoor hockey.
What is on your wishlist for the next five years of your business/career? To bring different services around that no other salon offers around the area. I want to offer eyelash extensions, starting a new skin care and new makeup line.
What was your first job? I started working by cleaning condos in Stowe, when I was 12 years old. I did lots of babysitting as well.
What was your most fun job? Well what I do now of course. There is no better feeling than making people feel and look beautiful.
Favorite quote? “Life is what you make of it.”
If you could have dinner with one person dead or alive, who would it be and why? It would be Bob Marley legend of reggae music. My question for him would be why is it that out of all reggae music yours is so true and understanding and real? Why can it be understood so well? And my other person would be with Jesus to thank him for life and to find the true meaning to life and what happens after the world ends?
What book did you read last? You’re Worth Every Penny by Erin Verbeck
Wild card? We love to recycle and help others do same and benefit by doing it as well. When you bring an empty bottle of hair product we give you 10% off your next sale of products and we recycle your empty bottle for you. We also give 10% off products for MOCO members and try to run weekly specials so look on our Artistic Roots Facebook page for them. Also for 2018 we will have a official website.

People can book appointments online at