MACC Agenda
Oct 16, 2017, 4:30pm-5:30pm
Tegu Building
Present: Tricia, Heather D., Tim M., Todd, , Darcie, Paul, Heather S.

Absent: Billi, Nan

Old Business:
1. River Arts Mural Proposal: (Dominique) River Arts would MACC like to fund an addition to the mural created by Jess Graham to be installed adjacent to 10 Railroad and as an extension of the mural recently installed there by the River Arts camp. The project is estimated at $3,000 which River Arts plans to raise in pieces. Todd moves to contribute whatever Tricia can return from MACC’s Rocktberfest donation. Motion approved. After more discussion, Tricia makes an amendment that because this project fits within the scope of the strategic plan, MACC pay an additional $500 toward the mural completion provided the project is started by June 1, 2018. Amendment approved.
2. MACC charges: (Tricia) If any board members charges something to MACC, leave your name at the business and deposit a charge slip in the MACC box in the Town Offices.
3. Morrisville Art Walk: (Tricia) The art walk takes place the third Thursday every month.
4. Angled Parking: (Todd) A proposal for 45 degree angled parking on the north side of Lower Main Street is on the agenda for next Monday’s select board meeting. The proposal would increase parking by 12 spaces on the north side of the road from Union Bank to the Noyes House Museum.
5. MoVolley Match at the Oxbow: a winter volleyball tournament and new MACC event. Board votes to set Sat. Feb. 17 and begin planning and promotion.
6. Festival of Lights: (Tricia) This event is set for Dec 2 and planning is underway. The theme is Candyland. The wreath order forms are about to go out. The board is thinking about changing the hours of festival since it is hard for kids to be out all day long, maybe starting at noon would be better. The parade is set for 4pm.
7. Building/Around Town updates: (Todd) Hot Tamales has closed their doors. There is a chance of a Thai restaurant moving in. There will be a 9 unit attractive looking apartment building at the corner of Bridge Street and the truck route.
8. Strategic Plan: (see below)

New Business:
1. PUPS: (Darcie) People United in Promoting School Spirit, formerly known as the MES PTO, would like to partner with MACC in order to apply for grants for larger projects. PUPS is beginning to organize a committee to redesign the MES playground. The board is supportive of this, particularly is there is a stipulation that there must be an art component to the new playground, but first wants some more information, specifically, how much money can go through a nonprofit before it moves to a different tax category with the state of Vermont. The board also would like a MACC representative to be involved with PUPS for regular updates. Darcie agrees to do this. All grant applications must be approved by the board. Action: Heather will check with the account regarding tax information. If there are no problems there, than the board approves.
2. “You Are Not Alone”: Billi would like to know if MACC would be the fiscal agent for a project named “You Are Not Alone” that would like to use art as a way to connect with and support the LGBTQ community in town. The board votes to partner with this project.