MACC Agenda
June 19, 2017, 4:30pm-5:30pm
Tegu Building

Present: Tricia, Billi, Emily, Todd, Heather S., Nan, Darcie
Absent: Heather D., Tim M., Paul T.

Old Business:
1. Strategic Plan: For updates and action plans on top five priorities for strategic plans, see notes below.
2. Firefly Festival: This Saturday, June 24th. Schedule available at or on the MACC Facebook page. Please share widely.
3. Pleasant Street Place: Motion made to pay Jay Caroli $500 for the work he has done. Approved.
4. Angled Parking: See notes below.
5. Farm to School: United Way awarded a $2,000 grant for gardens to be used in the cafeteria and in designing district wide farm to school curriculum.
6. Chamber Mixer: Currently scheduled for August 19th but several people can’t make that date. Action: Tricia will ask to reschedule for September.
New Business:
1. Pocket Park and Paver Fundraising Project: Paver fundraiser to raise seed money to start the project. Tricia is hoping to ask Morrisville Water and Light for money as well.
2. Loan to MoCo: MoCo is $2,000 short of meeting their goal to move forward. Todd motioned to join loan MoCO and load $2,000 for an interest bearing loan. Approved.
3. Project Budget Policy: As MACC grows, please adhere to the following budget guidelines. Please submit project budgets for board approval prior to beginning a project. If the project exceeds the initial budget, please request board approval for additional funds. All invoices must go to Heather Decker within five working days of purchase. The project lead must approve all invoices.

Next Meeting: Monday, July 17th, 4:30pm-5:30pm, upstairs Tegu Building

                                                                 Strategic Plan: Top 5 Strategic Initiatives
Trees in downtown/ Create more green space:
1) A to B Street: Project will happen in late 2018. Todd says he can add landscaping and sculpture to the plans.
2) Angled parking on Lower Main Street: Waiting on the restriping of parking lines. MACC will use this as a test to see how the town reacts to the parking change before pursuing angled parking elsewhere and bump outs. Action: Revisit this conversation next summer.
3) Adding more sculpture in the downtown: The library tree sculpture will be added later this summer.
4) Pleasant Street Place: Still planning how to move ahead on this but it is unlikely to happen until next year. Building on small successes, MACC should wait to see how the new angled parking on Lower Main settles out. Instead focus on the pocket parks around the sculpture tree. Action: Start paver fundraiser. Tricia and Billi will meet to discuss how to infuse art into the pocket park and paver fundraiser. Emily will update on PA students working on peace poles. Billi suggests painting peace poles at Rocktoberfest.
5) North End of town: Action: Think about ways MACC can grow into the uptown and be more inclusive, consider the landscape and buildings. Maybe a tree lined boulevard median? Other thoughts? Need to start a subcommittee to look at this.
6) Business as part of the streetscape/add to gardens to business facades: Action: ask Paul Trudell to walk through and get his thoughts on how to add gardens/greenery along the building storefronts. Focus first on one or two buildings (suggestions: Green Dragon).Motion made to purchase planters for the railings on Jon Mogor building (Hot Tamale/Rogue). Approved.
7) Corner of Bridge and Brooklyn street (at the light by Fred’s): The State of Vermont owns this tenth of an acre lot, MACC could lease for $1/year. State would be amendable to leasing to the town for the public good. Possible suggestions include a welcome sign to Morrisville. Action: More discussion MACC’s involvement in that space. Todd will do some research.

Art on the Rail Trail
1) How can we sell our community through art on the Rail Trail? Please note, anything done on the leased VAST land on the Rail Trail must be approved by them. Action: Billi will start a conversation with building owners about interest in having art on their buildings along the Rail Trail. If they are interested, she will start an RFP process/call to artists.
2) Mural on the Agway Building/Morrisville Lumber: River Arts is doing a summer camp which will make mural panels on the Morrisville Lumber Building across from 10 Railroad.
3) Mural by Jess Graham: Dominque from River Arts contacted Jess about making a mural that would draw people into town. She has not heard back yet from Jess Graham.
4) Kiosk art at bottom of Pleasant Street: Action: Need to brainstorm ideas for this. Billi suggests installation art (temporary installation). Nan and Tricia will talk with River Arts about doing something together.
5) Upcycled Bike Racks: Peter Bourne and Morrisville Water and Light have funding for someone to build bike racks out of recyclable materials. Need to contact local people who might have some material and interest in this. Suggestions: Judith Wrend and John Bourmeman.

1) Growing membership: This is an ongoing project. All board members should add name suggestions to membership mailing list. Any promotion of MACC, events, projects will help with increasing membership. Post and share widely on social media. Action: Darcie will send membership list out for board members to add names to.
2) Tricia’s Assistant: Reach Up will pay an assistant to do work for MACC. Tricia still working with Reach Up to line up assistant. Assistant will work on expanding the business contact list and compile a comprehensive email list for membership and business contacts in town.

Change zoning laws to incorporate public art in larger commercial projects in town:
1) Update: the select board agreed that there should be a consideration to include public at within larger projects that come before the Development Review Board.

Invest in signage all over downtown
1) Update: This is a summer 2018 project. Need to create a steering committee of five MACC and community members to research costs of signs, proposals, ask for community involvement. Action: start recruiting people for this committee.