by Emily Hess, MACC Intern

Annually the MACC sponsored Chair-art-able Art Project, produces twenty five beautifully painted Adirondack chairs that are spread around Morristown. The chairs make our town a bit more colorful and are made for enjoyment and admiration from the public, as well as offering a nice, inviting place to sit.

Ever wondered what these immense pieces of artwork look like in the process? Look no further than the ground floor of Peoples Academy high school, where art students are hard at work. This year the art program was given five large Adirondack chairs and two smaller chairs to paint. Flowing over from the art room into our hallways, you could almost mark the time of year based on the smell of paint fumes in the hallway and watching students work like busy bees.

Pamela Sherpa, Mariam Vardikyan, Mallory Pugh

Guided by high school art teacher, Averill Mcdowell, who recognizes and encourages her students to embrace their own creative and unique art styles, students draw inspiration from all aspects of the world, like forests, the northern lights, and even outer space.

“It gives students a chance to paint on a different kind of surface. It’s also an opportunity for team building, they have to figure out how to come up with one idea, and it’s not easy, especially when artwork is personal. This teaches kids to be flexible. The students put their best foot forward because the chairs are placed all over town,” Mcdowell says.

The chairs will be on display all spring and summer around Morristown and are free for use by the public. On September 31st all of the chairs will be auctioned off at Morristown’s annual Rocktoberfest celebration. Last year PA students’ chairs were sold for as high as $160. The chairs are made of fine wood meant to last years and years. They are hand painted by young artists and their landscapes are sustained for generations to come.