Morristown Alliance for Culture and Commerce

Annual Meeting Minutes

May 15, 2017, 4:30pm-5:30pm Tegu Building


Present: Tricia Follert, Paul Trudell, Heather Decker, Nan Carle Beauregard, Darcie Abbene, Tim Monaghan, Todd Thomas, Billi Dunham, Emily Hess, Susan Titterton

Absent: Steve Ames, Heather Sargent

Annual Meeting:

  1. Election of Board of Directors: Election of trustees to board: All present board members agree to serve another year. Board members include: Heather Decker, Todd Thomas, Paul Trudell, Tim Monaghan, Billi Dunham, Nan Carle Beauregard, Tricia Follert. Vote approved. Motion made to re-elect the executive board. Approved. Election of Executive Board officers include: Tricia F., President, Tim M., Vice President, Heather D., Treasurer. Action: Tricia will follow up with Heather Sargent who is absent and Steve Ames who has indicated he needs a break from the board.
  2. Review of Financial Report
  3. Review of Annual Report
  4. Discussion and vote on proposed new mission statement: “MACC builds on our historic traditions to drive economic well-being and cultural creativity.” Board votes to approve the proposed mission statement.
  5. Close


May Meeting

Old Business:

  1. Pleasant Street Place: This idea has been brought to the select board for feedback. It will go back to the select board once the proposal drawings are finalized. MACC is working with Kim Jensen of Lamoille County Conservation District to secure grant money through the Agency of Natural Resources as improvements to storm water runoff can also be made through this project. Likely timeline: this summer the road crew will restripe the parking lot. Any larger changes to the parking lot will be next construction season.
  2. Angled Parking: The select board approved angled parking. Road crews will repaint the parking stripes this spring.
  3. Farm to School: MACC has applied for grant funding through United Way to pay for the costs of starting a school garden. The Morristown school district’s Food Service Department has added a part time employee who will be focused on farm to school projects.
  4. MACC/Morristown Historical Society/Lamoille Valley Chamber of Commerce Mixer will be rescheduled. Date TBA
  5. Chair-Art-Able: Tricia would like board input about sales policy regarding the chairs. After some discussion, the board agrees that the purpose of the chairs is to promote public art and walkability throughout the summer months and selling them ahead of the Rocktoberfest auction in the fall does not support the MACC mission. Board agrees all chair sales will occur at the auction.
  6. Firefly Festival: planning is coming along. Event is scheduled for June 24th.
  7. Publisher software: Darcie would like to buy Microsoft Publisher software to make newsletters, pamphlets, thank you cards, etc. Approved.
  8. Plaque project: the next shipment of plaques has arrived. Paul is working on putting the plaques up.
  9. Wednesday Night Live: Heather D. is researching how to provide credit card/ATM services during the music series this summer. Action: Heather will talk with Ed Wilson about providing a mobile ATM service.
  10. Community Service Projects: Peoples Academy is having a school wide community service project on Friday, May 19th. The board discussed whether and how in future years MACC could get involved in this effort. Possible ideas include a public art project or art installation, etc.

New Business:

  1. Strategic Plan: Review and prioritize MACC proposed projects for strategic plan: After some discussion, all present voted on their top 6 project priorities. The most popular projects include: adding trees in downtown/create more green space, adding art to the rail trail, increasing membership, changing zoning laws to incorporate art (visual, landscape, signage, etc) in every aspect of any improvement in town, investing in signage in Morrisville. Action: Darcie and Tricia will compile the results of the vote with notes to consider and decide on next steps for the strategic plan.
  2. Adjourn


Next Meeting: Monday, June 19th, 4:30pm-5:30pm, upstairs Tegu Building