April 2017

Dear Morristown Community Member:

Since its inception in 1981 the mission of MACC has been twofold: improve the economic climate and the physical appearance of Morristown. These remain the principles that drive much of the discussion around what projects MACC decides to champion. But these two goals are not separate silos. An attractive community that is vibrant with public events and opportunities for artistic expression can have a powerful force on the economic well-being of a town. This important effect can create a strong sense of place for both the people who live there and the people who visit. The town becomes a place where people want to be. A recent John S. and James L. Knight Foundation study showed a clear connection between emotional attachment and a community’s economic success and well-being. At MACC, we strive to develop that connection. But that connection depends upon engagement.

MACC is asking you to engage with our community. Historically, the funding accrued from our membership drives have helped us mold the physical and economic landscape of Morristown. We have added beautiful historic lampposts, colorful flowerpots, holiday decorations, attractive circa and e911 plaques, promoted businesses, and supported local events like RocktoberFest and the Festival of Lights. Your financial support now will help us move forward with these projects and add new ones like the upcoming Firefly Festival and the Morrisville History and Art Walking Tour. It will help us use our website, www.maccvt.org, as a tool to share the stories of the people who live here. It will help us advance more public art projects and help create new green spaces. It will help us in our mission to create an even stronger sense of place.

Please consider membership or a donation in 2017 to join with MACC to strengthen our community by building on our historic traditions and fostering new traditions of economic well-being and cultural creativity.


Darcie Abbene
MACC Coordinator

Board of Directors:

Tricia Follert, President
Tim Monaghan, Vice President
Heather Decker, Treasurer
Steve Ames
Paul Trudell
Nan Carle Beauregard
Todd Thomas
Billi Dunham
Heather Sargent