Haymaker Card and Gift Celebrates a Fantastic 17 Year Run

You’ve all probably heard by now that Orah Moore of Haymaker Card and Gift has decided to close the doors to the physical Haymaker shop. The good news is that she will be continuing her card and her photography business out of her home in Hyde Park and through her websites: www.orahmoore.com and www.haymakerpress.com. Her cards will also be available later this summer when Morrisville’s new book shop, The Literary, opens in the old El Toro space. And there’s some other good news leading up to her closing on May 13th. She is planning a few events before she says goodbye to the beautiful brick building on Main Street that she has worked out of for 17 years.

This weekend she will be hosting a few ending sales and events that sound like a great way to get a little piece of Haymaker as well as support our downtown. On Friday and Saturday she’s hosting a “Grab and Go” card sale where shoppers can buy a $5 or $10 bag and fill it with as many cards as they can fit. And this weekend, Orah is planning a “50/50 Winter Items Sale for Haymaker and MoCo”, with a split of the proceeds going to each. MoCo will be setting up shop in the Haymaker space this summer while they wait for the finishing touches on their own building which they plan to open at the end of the summer.

On May 13th, the last day the shop is open, Orah planning a closing party that celebrates the other fabulous businesses is town as well as 75%-100% off at Haymaker. There will be food from our fantastic restaurants and gift certificates from other local businesses given away every 15 minutes throughout the day. Orah hopes to remind the town that even though Haymaker is closing, there are still a great many things Morrisville has to offer.