Morristown Alliance for Culture and Commerce Board Meeting

Monday, February, 20, 2017

Tegu Building Morrisville, Vermont

4:30-5:30 pm


Present: Tim, Heather, Todd, Billi, Claire, Nan, Darcie

Present: Steve, Tricia, Paul

 Old Business:

Minutes approved.

Volunteer hours updated.

Plaque update: Heather reports that she is ordering another 30 plaques. Francis is working hard on researching houses that are not on the Morrisville Historic District study which only covers houses in a small area of the village. Todd and Paul have installed several plaques. Action: Tricia is working on correcting an incorrect address on one plaque.

History and Art Walk sign update: The sign maker is still working on the design of the plaques. Todd and Francis are gathering visual information on Governor Hendee’s mansion. Action: Todd hopes to have a mock up sign for the next board meeting.

Efficiency Vermont update: Efficiency Vermont will host a meeting about helping residents and business owners assess the energy efficiency of their buildings. The meeting will be held Wednesday, March 22nd at the Morrisville VFW from 5:30-8:00 pm. Residents are encouraged to bring their electric bills.

Firefly Festival and Magic of Morrisville Series: Billi and Nan will be meeting soon and will update via email. The group is working making connections with various community members and schools.

Website update: The website is up and running. Please give Darcie any suggestions for people who might be a good addition to Morristown Voices section or links to the community links section. Todd offers to send updates on information regarding things happening around town for the Around Town section.

MACC in the News update: The next News and Citizen article is on the electric vehicle charging station.

Mary Ann Wilson: Please stop by Todd’s office to sign a retirement card for Mary Ann.

Claire retiring/empty board seat: Claire will be retiring after the April meeting. The board votes to ask Heather Decker to fill Claire’s position.

Investment: Todd would like to treat the MACC financial account like an endowment and invest a small portion (no more than 30% of fund) in low risk stocks or bonds. There is general agreement from the board.

New Business:

Edible Flower Pots: The board is interested in adding a vegetable element to the potted plants this summer.

Rail Trail Art/Community Art: Billi suggests adding an artistic element along the rail trail such as murals on the buildings, seasonal changes of art, renewable art pieces, and/or solar art. She would like to see a vibrant living art piece and involve the community in implementing the work. Along a similar vein, Billi suggests the possibility of a MACC preview or comment on any improvement done in town with the idea being that MACC could look at how to incorporate art into new construction. Todd offers that given a structure for this idea, he can work to change the zoning law to reflect that. Action: The board agrees to continue this conversation and look at how it is being done in other communities.

Bike/Ped Committee Bike Race: No update on the bike race. In other news: a concrete pad is being installed behind Lost Nation for more storage for the bike share program.

Farm to School: Darcie met with Phil Grant (PA principal), Karen Sherman Weeks (PAML principal), and Jeff Brynn (LSSU Food Service Director) to discuss the possibility of growing the Farm to School (FTS) program in the local schools. The group decided to set a Farm to School committee to direct action and Darcie would like MACC to represent the community aspect of these programs in hopes of deepening MACC’s relationship with the schools as well as a way to foster local economic growth, healthy food in schools, and meaningful learning projects. The board is supportive of this idea. The FTS committee would like to attend the Farm to School Institute in June which offers a three-day workshop as well as ongoing mentoring and professional development support throughout the school year. Todd moves MACC pay for half of the $600 cost of the FTS Institute and try to get the other half matched from another source. If the match isn’t donated elsewhere, he moves that MACC pay the whole amount. Motion approved.

Town Meeting: Darcie and Jill Mudgett are planning a “7 Words for Town Meeting” friendly competition on Front Porch Forum for the week prior to Town Meeting to try to create interest in attending Town Meeting. Also, Darcie is planning to post a Morristown Voices essay on the MACC website on the subject of Town Meeting and written by Jill Mudgett, president of the Morristown Historical Society.

Trash and Littering: There is some discussion of the problem of littering in our town. Tim wonders about MACC renting a dumpster to encourage people who might litter to bring their trash there. Todd mentions that this summer Todd and Tricia are planning to paint the town trash cans something funky and fun.

Note: Because Billi was called out of the meeting, she would like to add a few things that she was unable to finish discussing under Item #2 above (Rail Trail Art/Community Art).

From Billi:

I would like to see what owners of the buildings on the rail trail would be willing to put up their building as a canvas so that we can do an RFP process for local artists. I also wanted to plan seeds about the greenery and how what is planted can add to the natural landscape and how we make art using what is there. What are your thoughts?

I also wanted to talk about the art on the Morrisville Elementary Gym. That may be a great article as well to show case on our website. I wonder if there is a partnership there to do more of that work or to have them take on one of the sides of the building down at the Oxbow.



Respectfully submitted,

Darcie Abbene