Morristown Alliance for Culture and Commerce Board Meeting
Monday, January 16, 2017
Tegu Building Morrisville, Vermont
4:30-5:30 pm

Present: Tricia, Tim, Heather , Paul, Nan, Darcie, Kathleen Lovell
Absent: Todd, Billi, Claire, Steve

Old Business:

Secretary’s Report/Minutes: Approved

Treasurer’s Report: No report.

Volunteer Stats: Tim

Plaque update: Tricia, Heather
35 plaques total. 13 e911 plaques above the door or to the right or left of door to be put up this Thursday. 24-26 are on order. Tim wonders about e911 plaque for town buildings like the Fire Department, Police Department Action: Tricia will inquire. Heather will write a paragraph and send to Darcie to advertise purchasing plaques on social media.

History and Art Walk update: Todd, Tricia
Update on signs: Tricia has a mockup of the sign draft. There is some discussion regarding suggestions for improving the sign’s visual appeal including more information offered, title of the walk should be more prominently displayed, name of the building included, map of the walk with a “you are here” indicator. There is a suggestion that maybe we shop around for other sign makers. Nan suggests that the board look for another designer but reserve Signorama for possible production. Action: Darcie will ask Jill Mudgett who is on the Vermont Historical Society board for names of sign makers familiar with projects like this. Tricia will give feedback to Signorama.

MACC Strategic Plan: Tricia
Board agrees to block three hours at a next regular board meeting. The board decides on Monday, March 20th, 4:30pm-7:30pm. Action: Tim will bring Himalayan food for dinner.

MACC in the News: Darcie
The News and Citizen has agreed to publish a monthly article written by Darcie. The first article is on the History and Art walk and Darcie will send after the Morristown Historical Society meeting. Heather suggests a plaque update for the next article topic. Tricia has suggested a highlight on the efficiency of the car chargers in town.

Efficiency Vermont Update: Tricia
A steering committee will meet on January 30st in the Tegu Building to discuss how this program might be most helpful in our town to encourage people to save money on their electric bill.

Firefly Festival and Magic of Morrisville Series: Billi, Nan
The Magic of Morrisville will be a whole series of events crafted over time that will include community art and workshops. Nan hopes that one of the pieces of art could be on the Rail Trail or on a building somewhere and could also be a part of the Firefly Festival. This is to be an ongoing annual art project.
Firefly Festival is scheduled for June 24th. The vision of the festival still taking shape. Todd thinks it should be called Vermont Firefly Festival to draw more people into town. Nan notes the group needs more committee members and would like to draw from multiple aspects of the community- science, arts, high school students, college students. Tim suggests a band that plays quiet, calming string music. Action: Set the next meeting date. Tricia will apply for some Ben and Jerry’s funding for this event.

New Business:
Edible Plants in the Flower Pots: Tricia
Tricia suggests planting edibles in the flower pots around town this year. Nan wants to know who would eat them? Action: Darcie will send the Ted Talk on this around again, link here.

Budget for Darcie: Tricia
Tricia suggests a budget of $100/month. Board approves.

MACC Fun Photo Fridays: Darcie
Darcie has started Fun Photo Fridays on facebook where she posts a photo from town and encourages others to post a similar photo in the comments. She hopes it will be a fun, impromptu weekly photo gallery of town. Nan mentions that the third Thursday of every month there is a photo coop workshop at River Arts. Every month has a theme and the February theme is water and ice. Tim offers to pass along news of Fun Photo Friday to WLVB on a Thursday. Action: Darcie will send Nan some info to both Nan and Tim to pass along to parties that might be interested in participating or promoting.

Bike Race: Todd, Darcie
The Bike/Ped committee is interested in organizing a bike race and would like MACC to be involved. Darcie has had some similar ideas about ways to fundraise for downtown grants and is interested in partnering with the group. The Bike/Ped committee has just beginning to start talking about this project.

Respectfully submitted,

Darcie Abbene