Morristown Alliance for Culture and Commerce Board Meeting

Monday, November 21, 2016,

4:30-5:30 pm, Tegu Building, Morrisville, VT

Present: Claire Hindes, Nan Carle Beauregard, Billi Dunham, Steve Ames, Tim Monaghan, Tricia Follert, Todd Thomas, Paul Trudell, Guests: Mary Lou Nichols, Darcie Abbene

Old Business:

New MACC Coordinator: The Board welcomes Darcie Abbene as the new MACC Coordinator and staff member.

Downtown Designation: Morristown’s status as a Designated Downtown will expire next week due to a decision made by the Morristown Select Board and the Village Trustees to leave the Lamoille County Planning Commission. (LCPC). The town’s status will change to “suspended” for 90 days. The town is waiting to hear whether they will be accepted into the Northern Vermont Development Authority which can then sponsor the town for Downtown Designation. Nan wonders about tax credits for business. Tricia explains that businesses can still apply for tax credits.

Volunteer Hours: Billi: 10, Tim: 1, Claire: 1.5, Paul 11.5, Steve 2, Todd 4, Nan 40, Tricia 40

October Minutes: Approved

Treasure’s report: Approved.

Signs/Plaques: Paul is waiting on materials for the e911 plaques and is being advised by the Fire Department about where and how to hang them. Action: Tricia will coordinate volunteers to help Paul hang the plaques.

Cultural Walk: After some discussion, the Board agrees on the name “Morrisville History and Art Walk.” Francis Favreau is working on historical photos with a short informational passage for the signs at each stop. Tricia would like to get RiverArts involved in making the path. Nan wonders about something more permanent than paint. The walk will be introduced at the chamber and Noyes House Museum mixer on May 16, 2017. Action: For the next meeting, Todd will have a mockup of the signs for the trail.

Magic of Morristown: Nan and Billi have decided on June 24th as the event date. In January they will begin planning how to incorporate circle art to bring a community based art project into the day’s events. They hope to involve local schools and the topic of science as well which will culminate with a festival of fireflies.

Strategic Plan: No updates. Action: Darcie will send out a doodle survey to set a date when the board can meet and discuss the strategic plan. Nan/Billi will resend notes the board has already discussed regarding this topic as well an agenda for the meeting.

Pocket Libraries: Paul shares designs for pocket libraries. Tricia would like more details about who might make the libraries (possibly the Tech Center?), paint them, and where to put them. Steve wonders if this project fits in with the MACC direction, underscoring the need for a strategic plan. Tim is concerned about who might maintain the libraries. Action: Tricia will get more information from Mary Collins about her plans for developing this project.

Festival of Lights: Tricia will reprint an updated copy of the Schedule of Events for the festival on Saturday Dec 3. Todd and Tricia volunteer to help with the Oxbow cart rides, Billi will get s’mores supplies for the Fire Department’s bonfire at the Oxbow. Wreath decorating is on Nov 28th 8:30 at the Senior Center.

Next meeting: The Board decides to postpone next meeting to January.

Judith Wrend: Steve moves the board pay Judith Wrend the expenses of $105.85 for her work on the public sculpture site. Board approves.

Front Porch Forum: Due to the limitations on the numbers of posts a non profit can make on Front Porch Forum, Steve moves the Board pay for a year subscription for the MACC coordinator to promote MACC.

New Business

Efficiency Vermont: Efficiency Vermont has a new program to perform business and home audits to assess energy efficiency. Tricia wants to know if the board is interested in promoting this project for downtown businesses? The Board does want to promote. There is a suggestion to target some specific business who could benefit from this. Action: Tricia will provide further info once she meets with Paul Markowitz of Efficiency Vermont.

VAST ride in Oxbow Park: There is a Vermont Association for Snow Travelers (VAST) celebration of military veterans ride planned in February at the Oxbow. The group wonders if MACC is interested in being involved. Action: MACC will help promote.

Scarf Project: Nan has learned about a program during the winter months where people leave scarves on trees in town for whoever might need them. There is some discussion over how this program would be organized and then an agreement to revisit the topic next fall.

MACC in the News: Darcie will be writing a weekly article for the News and Citizen and would like topic suggestions from board members at every board meeting. Topics can be MACC updates, business and/or member highlights, other interesting topics. Topics suggested included: Saint Jesus and Long Coming/ Rail Road stories, Village Victorian up for sale- something about the Wolfs, Riverbend Market- sells local products, Moogs- so into music, the owner’s passion for music and how it blends it with his business, Phoenix, Mosaic Learning Center