The beautification committee of the Morristown Alliance of Commerce and Culture (MACC) recently worked with property owners to place 35 historic plaques that indicate when several of the town’s gorgeous buildings were built, sharing the rich history of Morristown and Morrisville with new generations.

The green plaques highlight Morrisville’s great downtown businesses, while also making it easy to appreciate the beautiful and truly historic homes in our community. There are also plaques that display building addresses making it is easy to find the address of local business establishments. If anyone wants to see both plaques in one place, many of our prominent Main Street and Portland Street businesses feature both an historical plaque and an address plaque.

Some of the wide array of the beautiful and historic homes featured are almost 200 years old, but you do not need a 200-year-old home if you would like to purchase an historic plaque for your house or commercial building. MACC has also placed plaques on handsome examples of midcentury housing that are only 50 years old.

If your business would like one of the aforementioned green address plaques, or if you have a home that is at least 50 years old that you think deserves an historic plaque, please contact Heather Sargent at (802) 888-3048 or Darcie Abbene at If you are interested in the program and do not know how old your house is, MACC will find its construction date and even hang the plaque on your house for you. Please help keep “Morrisville on the Move” and celebrate the rich history of our community by ordering and proudly displaying your plaque before the holidays.